Concept & Brand Story

It is said that each household is a story of its own. Well, each client has its own story, too. Whether it’s a piece of history tucked away in a book, or a vision for what’s to come, first comes the research and immersion to find what’s unique to the clients needs: whether its your property, your spa, retreat, vineyard or personal project. From there Leoney builds the positioning concept. Next, I’ll reference that story and concept time and time again as we build the rest of your story and guest experience together.

• Market analysis
• Location immersion
• Customer and guest profiling
• Product/service concept/positioning
• Brand story (including mission, vision, and values)

Brand Identity

Once your story is developed, Leoney makes you look as good as you sound. With your brand story as a guide, the creation of all your visual elements that will emotionally connect you with your guests starts to happen. From business cards to on-property styling, everything we create can be easily and uniquely operationalized within your property or in your marketing. 

• Product/Service naming
• Logo development
• Restaurant and retail naming
• Restaurant and retail logo development
• Supporting Print collateral

Guest Experience

Your story will bring guests in - but the experiences you deliver is what keeps them coming back. Share your vision and products with the world. Let Leoney Design the meaningful, sharable collateral to help you achieve your business objectives. The impact to your guests will come with your special branding and unexpected efforts you provide. Let Leoney collaborate with your operations, interior designers, and architects to develop interactions and engagements that guests will remember and talk about. It's the mint chocolate on the pillow or your handwritten "thank you" note from management.

• Make each encounter with your customers positively memorable
• Experience design concepts
• Digital operations guide
• Execution and implementation

Social Media

Guide the conversation by providing memorable experiences and then let them do the talking. There’s nothing like the review of someone you trust to tip the travel scales - and your guests’ friends, family, and influencers are constantly sharing experiences on social media. Whether its a neat little old fashion skeleton key for your charming Boutique Hotel or your client reveling in a pedicure of "Milk and Honey." How you treat your clientele will speak volumes to your overall marketing and social influence. Leoney’s strategies, community managers, and content creations give you the tools to build and nurture communities of your property’s biggest fans - leading to wider reach and more bookings. 

• Social audit and profiling
• Strategy development
• Engagement
• Content creation

Content Studios

Whether it's a part of your website, social efforts or on-property engagements, Leoney collaborates with producers, photographers and editors that can create scalable content that connects guests to you before they arrive and keeps them engaged long after their visit is over. 

• Photography
• Video
• Social content
• Testimonial videos

What Leoney Loves To Do!

Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Restaurant Collateral, Website Design, Hotel Collateral, SEO, Social Media strategies, Print & Collateral. Logos, Marks and Monograms are a passion of mine!

LEONEY delivers HIGH QUALITY design, performance and overall a fluid experience to all of its clientele.

Leoney's deliverables are made with lots of love and care.

I'm known for bringing heart and personality to all my endeavors. I like people and people tend to like me, that's great for me and possibly gives me a competitive advantage because my clients tend to do repeat business with me time and time again.

I love finding and creating solutions to problems.


Next Steps...

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