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Irma’s Guiding Principles:

Along my journey in life, I have developed some guiding principles to keep myself grounded and focused on the right things. These principles keep me on course.

1. The best and worst things in life are usually the things that happen unplanned.

When bad things happen, learn from them and commit yourself to not repeat the behaviors that allowed them to happen. When good things come along, appreciate them and learn how to stimulate more good things like them to happen. Life is like a magnet. That’s the best creation, it's called creating your own luck, which is a far better option than trying to control the uncontrollable.

2. Whether it be success or failure, I want the satisfaction of knowing my results are mine alone.

The greatest thrill in life is to experience success that you created yourself. My happiness comes from knowing that I did something, me, myself and I. Taking pride in one’s creations and working hard for one’s own rewards is the opportunity of a lifetime. Failures and missteps will happen along the way. That’s natural. When they occur, one need only to get up, learn from them, and move forward.

3. The correct path to take is the one you make for yourself and it leads you to your version of happiness.

We all have different ideas about what happiness is, which is why we shouldn’t all follow the same path. To embrace our unique passions and enjoy our own forms of fulfillment, we must be willing to step off the prescribed path and forge our own. No matter what your goals are, there’s always more than one way to realize them. Find yours.

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