Leoney Design is the creative studio of independent graphic designer and art director based in Los Angeles, Irma Leon.

Working across multiple disciplines, Leoney’s portfolio has a strong focus on visually appealing, clean graphics with, at times, dynamic color and composition. Composing a strong story for each client’s vision, along with typography, illustration and serious listening, the studio aims to set its clients apart from the competition.  In example, Leoney Design understands that hospitality branding is more than just a logo…just about anyone can produce one of those. But, a tenacious brand is a lifestyle, an unexpected yet meaningful experience for both the client and their guests (or market target). This included and suddenly one creates a continuous flow of clientele that will come back over and over again. When an experience is meaningful, the beauty begins and loyalty emerges. Be it a start up or an established business, Leoney is available for projects (freelance or otherwise) and other engagements. Please reach out to chat. CV and special projects PDF’s are available upon request.

The Leoney Story

Every business has a beginning, and by now you may be wondering why Leoney, if her last name is only Leon? People always want to know how Leoney came to fruition. My passion led to the creation of something new. Initially Leoney Design S2dio was going to be a collaborative effort between myself and my good friend and former schoolmate, illustrator extraordinaire named Jennifer Whitney. Our roots began at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California--in an effort to start our own creative business we needed a name...we both have names...but we needed a collaborative business name. Hence, the first three letters of my last name: 'Leo' and the last three letters of her last name 'ney.'  Wholla! Well, as fate would have it, Jennifer had some life altering experiences of her own after graduation. She married her love and gave birth to her other love, Emi. So, she slowly...about nine months later said awe heck, keep the name, it's a good one!

Wanna know more? Gosh, you like to read...

So...you wanna know who you're doing business with? Okay fine, I'll tell you. I guess it's a human thing...(or a cat thing). Onward, if you're curious and wanna know more, keep reading...


Irma Leon

Graphic Designer, Founder & CEO

Hi. I’m Irma, a regular gal who used to have a regular job. I love the little things in life and try to never take myself too seriously. Creating and designing anything (but especially graphic work) laughing with friends and enjoying my family (this includes my Shih Tzu, Chopin) are three ingredients that make my life happiest. Today, I consider myself a very fortunate person.

But that wasn’t always true.

After graduating from Art Center College of Design, I was embarking on starting on my new career. I was approached by the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Google, Disney and a fashion designer or two. I had achieved an awesome goal after having left my first career in the finance industry. I had been working for a third party financial administration office for seven years prior to this milestone before I realized I was dying slowly by not working in an industry that supported my creative needs. As such, despite having learned many wonderful things in finance, I was motivated to go back to school. So moving forward now, after graduating I was finally on track....so I thought: Life was good. Life was great.

And then it wasn’t; no sooner did I graduate and I found myself needing major surgery, having to deal with my parents getting divorced after 40 years and my father passing two weeks after he decided to move to South America Chile. I quickly found myself going to Chile to retrieve my father from an institution on par with CSI. They contacted me to tell me my father died of a massive heart attack and I needed to go get him. I was soon on board a flight and onto a series of experiences that would have me living abroad for close to a year.

I was scared of the unknown I was about to face. And I was scared of the disappointment I’d bring to those I cared about, if I didn't make the right decisions. I didn’t know what the path forward looked like. And having to deal with legal matters in a different country (despite the fact I speak Spanish) meant that my life was in crisis, I wasn’t sure how, when, or where I was going to find another job again, especially one that I liked. In fact, my career was placed on the back-burner for an undetermined amount of time. It was all a bit daunting. So, three funerals, a wedding, a birth, renting a home in a foreign land without any established responsible ties (job/taxes,etc.), a legal battle with a foreign banking institution, the MAJOR earthquake in Chile of 2010, a tsunami, the Chilean miners and a number of other challenges managed to mold me into a very different individual. Today I'm a person who is confident that any challenge that comes my way will be faced head on and that the universe will allow me the fortitude to find a solution. To me this is the key to everything. If there is a problem, there is a solution and it's my job to find it and communicate as effectively as possible to achieve a resolution.

Today: I often work for myself as a freelance graphic designer or with private clients but I love to collaborate with others. In fact, I'm looking for an establishment I can call home away from home. I have learned through many twists and turns of life that I have an incredible knack for adaptability. Really, life is about overcoming adversity to realize one’s potential. I chose and studied graphic design because I love communication, I love any form of design and I love people. I enjoy seeing the possibilities of interacting across-cultures and the opportunities of connecting with other folks with visual tools.

Now what? Next Steps...

If you have a vision for a new business, a special project, product or service and you wish to hire a graphic designer, this is your opportunity to call on one (preferably me) to action. Contact me and request a quote after we discuss the scope of your design needs and see if we're a right fit for each other.