• Art Direction
  • Branding and Identity
  • Brand story (including mission, vision, and values)
  • Creative Direction
  • Illustration
  • Hospitality Branding
  • Naming
  • Print & Collateral
  • Restaurant Branding
  • Type Design
  • Website Design

Hotels/Hospitality Branding

Leoney approaches designs with one simple rule: Be seamless. The guests experience starts not at the front door of your hotel, but rather on your website. Working with great clients has taught me that no two establishments are the same, but there is one thing in common: making the customer’s experience perfect. That's what sets a business, project, product apart from the rest of its market.

Each website design should include customized and detailed attention to every facet of your business; i.e., From booking a room to special amenities, each page must be ergonomically designed with your customer in mind. As the experience of websites moves from the desktop to tablets to mobile, responsive designs need to be framed accordingly seamlessly detecting the user at hand.

Cohesively your brand should be designed for you with any number of in-house marketing tools and branding guides to complement your brand new website.

To keep up with the various styles of hotel management, you need customized solutions to integrate perfectly on whichever platform your group employs. If your aim is showcasing your various properties in a fully-realized and dynamic sales portfolio, Leoney can develop and design custom-fit your workflow to solutions while adhering to the most up-to-date SEO standards.

No matter how beautiful your designs may be or how well it functions, if nobody can find it then it doesn’t really matter.


Restaurant Website Design & Branding

With experience working with large and small restaurant groups, Leoney is aiming to establish itself as a premier restaurant branding & website design studio, both in the United States and in Europe. I believe there should be custom solutions for clients, while also utilizing mainstream, open source platforms to allow clients to expand and explore with unlimited boundaries.

A few thoughts on highlighted e-commerce Website Integrated Options to consider:

  • Online Ordering For Food or Event Tickets
  • Event Ticket & Guest List Functionality (Multiple Ticket Sales)
  • Subscription based offerings
  • Catering Orders Customized to Your Work Flow

Leoney works with various brands in different markets all around the world to create the maximum reach and exposure for each site, letting the site produce for the client on all levels. Leoney's specialization in launching new brands or being hired to develop existing ones, has allowed for a continued long term success with my clients.

One size does not fit all for websites or branding so Leoney makes certain to give clients a unique look and feel apart from their competition.


All of restaurant websites should consider having BUILT-IN E-Commerce capabilities like selling Gift Cards, Private Event Deposits and Ticketed events.


  • Mobile-first
  • Clear navigation
  • One-click reservations
  • Click to call & map
  • Easy menu updates
  • Catering Ordering/Online Ordering
  • Private event booking & invoicing
  • Gift cards & eCommerce
  • Social integration
  • Newsletter sign-up

Elevate your restaurant from the very first engagement

The culinary world is extremely competitive. But, you have your signature sauce to tantalize the palate and raise the experience of your customers to gastronomic delights. Make certain that your Branding and Website is on par with your talents in the kitchen!

From one artist to another, aesthetics is the enticement but...

your food as much as it's experimental, and has a je ne ces't quo... focused fine dining that's absolutely worth the price of admission... It still might not be Michelin ready because of the other experiences your restaurant offers. Make certain that your Brand is as appealing aesthetically and experience as your cuisine is indulgent and feast worthy to your clientele.


Next Steps...

Call and request a quote or invite me to have some of your signature dishes to entice me to work my designerrific talents!